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More than a cash register: Business POS from Swisscom relieves the burden on SMEs

Whether restaurant, hairdresser or retailer - with Business POS, medium-sized businesses receive a POS solution that supports them digitally at every step of the process.

Photo: Swisscom

There are around 600,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in Switzerland. Of these, around 100,000 are businesses with a so-called point-of-sale (POS). They all have one thing in common: a cash register. According to the Swiss Trade Association (sgv), the Corona pandemic has made many businesses with POS aware of the great benefits of digitalisation. This is also reflected in the figures: in 2020 alone, Swisscom supported SMEs in setting up around 9,000 new web shops. With Business POS, Swisscom is now launching a digital POS system that simplifies comprehensive digitisation for SMEs - starting with the cash register.

Digitise processes and reduce manual effort

Taking reservations, scheduling staff, recording receipts, issuing vouchers - in small businesses in particular, many tasks are still done manually. With Business POS from Swisscom, SMEs not only digitise their cash registers, but also their internal processes, thus reducing manual effort immensely. With Business POS, they receive a central cash register system that offers options for digital item and inventory management, shift planning and online reservation management. An integrated online shop makes it possible to place promotions directly online and to send vouchers digitally. An overview shows the current course of business and provides information about (un)popular products and high-turnover times of day, among other things. In addition, the data can be exported directly, for example for the trustee or the annual report. Practical: The overview can also be accessed on the road or at home via smartphone, PC or tablet.

Individual for every area of application

For the POS solution, Swisscom relies on enfore, an expert in the digitisation of the cash register. Three different POS devices are available. One of them is a completely mobile version that combines a POS system and payment terminal in one handy device. The POS devices can also be used in combination and flexibly supplemented with accessories such as cash drawers and scanners. Swisscom and enfore have jointly adapted the corresponding software for the Swiss market. The individual selection of the hardware and the versatile use of the software allow the devices to be used in a wide variety of sectors - whether in the catering industry, in service businesses (e.g. hairdressing and beauty salons) or in retail.

No IT knowledge necessary

Swisscom experts guide SMEs step by step through the installation and set-up of the digital POS solution on site. Updates are applied automatically. Accordingly, no specific technical know-how is required. And for questions and concerns of all kinds, Swisscom offers trilingual telephone support including remote access. The use of the POS hardware and support via the Swisscom hotline are included in the monthly price. There are also no additional costs for software licences, updates, server hosting or mobile access.

Contact for ICT needs of SMEs

Swisscom has been an established contact for IT matters in the large customer sector for several years. The offering for SMEs is also growing and already includes standardised solutions in the areas of outsourcing, workplace and security. "With digital payment solutions and online shops, the potential of digital possibilities is far from exhausted. As a provider of telecommunications and IT, we understand SMEs holistically and can make the opportunities of digitalisation easily accessible to them," says Reto Baschera, Head of Business Customer Field SMEs. Prof. Dr Henrique Schneider, Deputy Director of the Swiss Trade Association (sgv), underlines the importance of digitisation projects: "Digitisation is crucial for the development of SMEs. However, for SMEs to realise their potential for digital transformation, they need entrepreneurial freedom and providers like Swisscom that comprehensively address the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises."

About enfore:

Enfore is an expert in the digitalisation of the point of sale in Europe, based in Hamburg and Berlin, and employs around 100 people. With the POS platform enforePOS and innovative hardware solutions, enfore offers a comprehensive portfolio for retail, gastronomy and service companies.

sgv: Digitalisation for medium-sized businesses

The sgv sees digitalisation as a priority topic in the area of its strategic goals for the benefit of SMEs and has therefore formulated a charter on digitalisation for SMEs. Digitisation or digital transformation affects not only IT, but all internal processes and all business models of SMEs. The sgv sees itself as a driving force in creating an SME-friendly environment so that SMEs can adapt and further develop their entrepreneurial strategies to the age of digital transformation.



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