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IT outsourcing simply explained

"Outsourcing" is a common term in information technology. But what does outsourcing actually mean? This glossary explains the most important terms related to IT outsourcing so that you can have your say and make your own decisions.

Do you have the resources and expertise in your company to look after IT yourself? Or would the benefits be greater if you outsourced maintenance and operation to an IT partner? For example, by allowing your employees to use the time they have gained for their actual tasks, because they no longer have to worry about activities such as organising hardware and software, data storage, backups or IT security.

With outsourcing, you can outsource the entire IT infrastructure or individual areas and tasks into professional hands. Closely related to this is cloud utilisation. This is because IT outsourcing and the cloud are mutually dependent nowadays, because outsourced servers, software and services such as backup are obtained from the cloud. The following graphic explains the most important terms and can serve as an introduction to the topic of outsourcing.

Graphic: Swisscom



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