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Efficient telephony with the Cloud PBX

Unavailable employees, unproductive collaboration, frustrated customers - modern telephone systems put an end to such horror scenarios. A cloud-based system increases efficiency and optimally supports business processes.

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Such scenarios, which are not very efficient for business operations, can be easily prevented with a modern, cloud-based telephone system thanks to extensive functions for better cooperation between employees and customers. In cloud-based or virtual telephony, all the functions of a conventional telephone system are made available via the internet. The physical system on the business premises is no longer required and no longer takes up valuable space. Only the end devices are still present in the company; the underlying infrastructure is in the cloud.

"Cloud-based internet telephony is very much in line with modern business needs," says Josef Furger, Senior Product Manager B2B at the Swiss provider UPC: "Many companies no longer want to have room-filling hardware on their premises. Telephony services should also be available at any location. This is easy to implement with cloud-based telephony and our Virtual PBX solution."

Maximum flexibility and independence

Companies thus benefit from maximum flexibility and independence of location. In addition, the diverse options are now also available to small and medium-sized enterprises and no longer just to large companies. UPC's Virtual PBX is particularly interesting for companies with 20 to 50 employees: it is cheaper than leasing and maintaining a conventional telephone system, because there is no need for extensive hardware investments. If the number of employees changes, the capacity of the system is quickly adjusted: If the business grows, the cloud telephone system simply grows with it.

Since the core functions are set up in the data centre via software, new functions can be added quickly if required. The provider of the telephone system is also responsible for maintenance and updates. The user therefore does not have to take care of maintenance or repairs - and thus saves a lot of time and money.

Better telephony with extensive functions

Virtual telephone systems such as the Virtual PBX far exceed the range of functions of classic telephone connections. In addition to the standard functions of a classic telephone system such as call waiting, call swap and call forwarding, many other useful features are available:

  • Maximum location independence. Several locations and home office employees can easily be connected to the same telephone system and allow networking with other employees.

  • Information about messages and missed calls by e-mail. You stay informed about missed calls at all times and can react immediately to very important calls.

  • Call centre functions show how many calls are coming in, how many are in the queue and how many customers are currently being spoken to. Detailed statistics provide information on waiting time, call duration and which agents have taken how many enquiries.

  • Employees can be assigned to different groups. Customers can thus reach a staff member from a department at any time thanks to ring calls.

  • Smartphones can be integrated into the cloud telephone system as fully-fledged extensions via an app. This way you can be reached anywhere in the world under your office extension.

Better cooperation with Unified Communications

The additional use of Unified Communications provides a further boost to efficiency. Here, all communication services - telephone, e-mail, fax - are brought together on the PC and carried out via the computer in connection with Microsoft Outlook.

"With Unified Communications, you can not only make phone calls as usual, but also collaborate very efficiently in many ways," says telecommunications expert Josef Furger. "Via the presence display, for example, you can always see who of your colleagues is available in the office and who is in a meeting or otherwise unavailable. You can share your desktop with others and exchange documents - and all within a single system."

Unified Communications offers numerous useful additions to the cloud-based switchboard:

  • Phone calls, e-mails, faxes and access to information all take place under one and the same interface.

  • An icon signals who is currently available. This presence indicator helps to avoid unsuccessful contact attempts and to direct customers even faster to a competent, available counsellor.

  • Customer calls are automatically enriched with customer information and order histories. This allows customers to be advised more quickly and according to their individual needs.

  • Employees are flexible and work productively regardless of their location. They can be reached at any time, no matter which end device they are using.

All-round service with Business Voice Virtual PBX

The complete Business Voice Virtual PBX package also includes the terminals. You decide which devices best meet the needs of your company. The high-quality telephones correspond to the latest state of the art and are optimally matched to the overall system.


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